Multi-utility – Electricity, Gas & Water

URS can add significant value to any project requiring an interface with the electricity, gas and water industry including;

• New Connections
(Electricity - anything from unmetered streetlighting supplies up to High Voltage sub-stations)
• Upgrades and reinforcement
• Disconnections & meter removals
• Diversions
• Temporary Builders Supplies
• New Metering installations
• Energy procurement
• Technical consultancy
• Project management

And of course, free advice.

URS can offer as much or as little support as you require. Some clients engage URS at the earliest possible stage of a development leaving URS to initiate and co-ordinate every single aspect of the projects total utility needs. On other occasions clients merely need a helping hand with perhaps initiating a new metering installation on their new connection, or arranging the safe removal of live services prior to a building’s demolition.

Call URS first, even if it’s only for initial advice.

“Call URS for guidance, whatever your utility needs”
Multi-utility experience at your disposal