Competition in Connection

On some occasions the only viable provider for your connection work is the local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for electricity, and the local host licensed distribution company for gas.

However through ‘Competition in Connection’ it is possible to seek quotations from fully accredited independent connection providers. Such companies are referred to as ‘Independent Connection Providers’ (ICP’s) for electricity work and ‘Utility Infrastructure Providers’ (UIP’s) for gas.

These companies have been thoroughly assessed and granted the necessary accreditation to provide new connections in competition with the local ‘host’ businesses. Once installed the connections are formally adopted by the local companies and become fully incorporated into their local distribution networks. Equipment specifications and standards of workmanship are to the same high national standards of the local distribution business. Future supply interruptions are dealt with in exactly the same way, regardless of the original installer.

Engaging such companies can offer significant benefits in terms of;
• Shorter quotation lead times
• Shorter work completion times
• Cost savings through more competitive pricing
• Staged payments - As opposed to standard 100% advance payment terms

URS has strong links with these competitive organisations and will assess the most appropriate provider for your particular connection, often obtaining competitive quotes on your behalf before making final recommendations.

“No it's not always a monopoly, URS can offer a choice of connection provider”
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